From simplified Future Cruise Credit redemption to intuitive lead conversion tools, we’ve sharpened Espresso’s automation features for the realities of doing business in today’s environment—and for clients who need you now more than ever.



The best payment schedule is the one your clients help create. Now a payment option within Espresso, FlexPay lets your clients customize how and when they pay their reservation balance. Save your time and theirs by taking advantage of FlexPay’s many benefits.

  • Schedule Payments

    With FlexPay, clients can pay their balance due with up to 10 payments. They can also fully customize the payment dates and amounts.

  • No Fees. Ever.

    FlexPay is free. It’s simply a more convenient way for you and your clients to manage how and when they pay.

  • Cancel Anytime

    Plans and preferences change. If your client wants to modify or cancel their FlexPay payment schedule, all it takes is a few clicks.

  • Your clients are eligible for FlexPay if they’ve paid the minimum deposit and their booking is outside final payment.

Get to Know FlexPay

  • Individual Reservations in FlexPayView
  • Group Bookings in FlexPayView

Quick & Convenient


With Espresso, you can get your clients back on board by seamlessly redeeming FCCs issued as part of the Cruise with Confidence, Global Sailing Suspension, and Non-Refundable Deposit programs.

  • Redeem Instantly

    Redeem FCCs right from the Espresso homepage. Simply click the “Redeem Future Cruise Credit” button, enter the Individual or Group booking number, and then click “Start Redemption”. After confirming the booking information, enter the certificate number(s) for each client and click “Submit Certificate”.

  • Get More Insight

    If you have access to Insight on, you can get a convenient list of clients who hold FCCs. Select “Insight” under the Booking Tools menu and then click on “Future Cruise Credits”. Voila! Clients with credits ready to use.

  • Check Certificate Status

    To check the status of any FCC, enter the certificate number, first and last name of your client as they appear on the certificate, and then click “Check Status”. The certificate details will then be displayed, including the certificate amount, status, client name, brand, issue date, expiration date and days left before expiration.

  • Sharing Credits

    FCCs can be shared evenly across all parties on the same reservation. Simply toggle “Share Certificate Value(s)” to “ON” when entering credit certificate details.

  • Stacking Credits

    Up to 8 certificates per client can be entered in the same request.

  • You can also redeem and get the status of FCCs via Latte—our chatbot tool available on Cruising Get all the details in our training guides:

FCC Training Materials

Inspiration Made Easy


Turn leads into bookings by sending a personalized eQuote. The ultimate lead conversion tool, eQuote’s beautiful design and simple interface makes it easy for clients to immerse themselves in all the details of their dream cruise—and request a booking from you.

  • Sublimely Simple

    Send a custom eQuote email in just a few minutes. Just search by brand, sail date, ship, price or destination to create an eQuote that includes up to 5 sailing options.

  • Designed to Impress

    eQuote is designed to deliver a premium experience on desktop and mobile devices. It also prominently features your agency information, making it a great way to elevate your own brand.

  • Perfectly Personalized

    Give clients the details they want by outlining specific itineraries, cruise activities, stateroom information, promotions and more.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    If you send an eQuote and your client only views it several days later, the prices will automatically adjust to reflect real-time rates so there are no surprises when they book.



Be the bearer of great news with our Best Price Guarantee (BPG) program. It lets you give your clients the assurance of being able to secure the best rate or promotional offer on their sailing up to 48-hours prior to their cruise departure date. You can check for a better rate in just three easy steps using our simple online tool on

  • Inside Final Payment

    The Best Price Guarantee tool will automatically compare the current rate on the booking to the prevailing rate for the sailing. If the prevailing rate is lower than the current rate, the tool will automatically add the difference in the form of a non-refundable onboard credit to the booking. An updated booking confirmation will also be sent.

  • Using the Best Price Guarantee Tool

    Just log in to, go to Brand Programs & News, then choose Cruise with Confidence and select Best Price Guarantee from the program options. It only takes a few minutes, and you can check as often as you want up to 48-hours prior to their cruise vacation start date.

Become a BPG Pro

Powerful Business Features


Tailor-made for cruise travel, this fully featured air booking tool works hand-in-
hand with Espresso letting you quickly and easily search flights by cruise
reservation or ship and sail date.


Espresso lets you seamlessly search accommodations for parties of 5 or more
guests. Just click the “Sleeps 5+ Guests” box while in Category Availability.


Espresso makes it easier than ever to customize up to four staterooms by Occupancy, Air or cruise only, Loyalty number, Cruisetour packages, Accessibility, Connecting, and Promotional preferences.


Now you can take efficiency to a whole new level by using Espresso to transfer individual or multiple reservations into a Group, email transfer confirmations, and view warning details.


Boost engagement like never before. With Headquarter Groups, your members can view and book into your groups with just a few clicks.

Single View

Now you can see everything in one place. Single View lets you compare pricing and availability across your existing group with group prevailing rates and individual best rates side by side.


Rewarding your clients is easier than ever. Now you can redeem, share and even purchase Group Amenity Plus points through Espresso to enhance your client’s vacation.


Create the right booking every time. With Guest Profile and Offers, you can display a customer’s history, recent promotions sent to them, last cruise taken and accommodation preferences.


Book your next group with maximum efficiency. Espresso’s updated interface allows you to reserve and manage all your groups with fewer steps and less clicks.


Visualize exact stateroom locations for easy bookings. Highlight available staterooms by connecting, accessible or closest to. You can also view staterooms details with photos and layouts.

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